I am proud to present you the english version of the Drop Chance Calculator for Dofus. I promised in the ImpsVillageForum to translate my little drop calculator tool to the english language. And here it is…

This time the features of Dofus drop chance Calculators in english:

  • Prospecting for up to 8 players
  • Prospecting of the chests can be considered
  • Prefabricated drop chances for some Items / Monster
  • manual entry of possible drop chances
  • Consideration of Challenges
  • Number of monsters in the mob variable (eg Tynril)
  • Automatic calculation (optional)
  • Option Menu
  • ToolTips (optional)
  • Storing the last used values (Optional)

And also the Systemrequirements in english:

  • Windows XP, Vista or 7
    (98 could do, but not tested)
  • The . NET Framework from Microsoft
    (Should be available on any computer with automatic update)

And here is the link to the download:

I hope you enjoy it and please give me feedback!